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Governmental Institutions and local authorities

President of the Republic of Belarus
Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Economic institutions and organizations
National Investment Agency
Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Business Catalog Belarus
Minskexpo Exhibiting Company
Belarus High Tech Park
Electronic Belarus
Information Export Support website
Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange

Free Economic Zones
FEZ «Brest»
FEZ «Gomel-Raton»
FEZ «Grodnoinvest»
FEZ «Minsk»
FEZ «Mogilev»
FEZ «Vitebsk»
Commission of the Customs Union of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation


Other useful links
National Legal Internet Portal
Legal Portal in different languages
Belarusian press
Belarusian Telegraph Agency BelTA
Magazine “Belarus”
National State Teleradiocompany of the Republic of Belarus
Radiostation “Belarus”
Catalogue of the farms for tourists