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Belarus is a country with highly developed science. The total number of organizations and institutions conducting scientific research is 301 with approximately 32,900 scientists and engineers being involved in applied and fundamental research. The number of scientists working in the educational sphere is 20,000. Of the total scientific population of Belarus, about 3,800 are doctors of sciences.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, founded in 1929, is the leading scientific center of Belarus. The Academy scientists have achieved significant success in R&D activities in the field of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, Earth science, social sciences and the humanities. As of 01.01.2009, the staff of the Academy and affiliated institutions included more than 17,470 researchers and technicians, 510 Doctors of Sciences (equivalent of Prof.) and 1,870 Candidates of Sciences (equivalent of Ph.D.). Intergovernmental agreements on cooperation in the field of sciences and technologies have been signed with 60 countries, including Great Britain, Germany, India, China, Russia, the US, and Japan.

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Who is who in the Belarusian science?

Cooperation between the Belarusian and the Dutch universities is promising. Direct contacts are established between the Belarusian National Technical University and INHOLLAND University of Applied Science (Amsterdam). The possibility of establishing a partnership between the Delft University of Technology and one of the Belarusian technical universities is under discussion.

There are cooperation ties between the Department of Economics of the Belarusian State University and the Institute of Marketing and Management at the University «Fontys» (Eindhoven). These educational institutions over several years have implemented a joint research project of additional and comprehensive analysis of the status and future directions of development of the transport market in Belarus.

In order to increase contacts between higher education institutions in Belarus and the Netherlands the Embassy maintain contacts with the University of Tilburg, Asser Institute (The Hague), the University of Erasmus (Rotterdam), Maastricht School of Business, University of Utrecht, The Hague Academy of International Law.

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