Humanitarian cooperation

Dutch charitable non-governmental organisations are among the most active foreign NGOs that provide assistance to Belarus in overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

Cooperation in this area is carried out in two ways which are the direct deliveries of humanitarian aid and the recuperation of Belarusian children in the Netherlands.

Dutch NGOs work out programs for providing humanitarian aid to the educational and medical institutions of the Republic of Belarus, primarily, from the regions affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe. Assistance is provided through funds transfers, as well as through sending humanitarian loads to Belarus and realizing humanitarian projects in our country. Humanitarian aid (beds, blackboards, desks, clothing and footwear, sports equipment, computers, school supplies, construction materials, etc.) is sent to rural schools, nursing homes and medical facilities.

In addition, there are several projects implemented by Belarus pupils to grow vegetables in home gardens (schoolyards) from the Dutch seeds and with the Dutch technology. Highly qualified agronomists from the Netherlands are involved in the project management.

There are about 50 charities in the Netherlands working with Belarus. For the active and result-oriented work in this field the chairman of the largest of them «Stichting Rusland Kinderhulp» Mr Klaas Koops was awarded one of the highest Belarusian state awards – the Order of Francisk Skoryna.

Mr Klaas Koops as well as Dutch sponsors actively participated in the international project “Borovlyany Houses”. It included financing of mobile apartments for young patients with oncological diseases and their parents on the territory of state center for children’s oncology and hematology in Borovlyany near Minsk.

Students from Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P. Shamyakin and Mozyr State Regional Lyceum, take a training course  at «Noordik School Almelo» college in Almelo every year.  Students from «Noordik School Almelo» take a training course at Mozyr’s University and Lyceum. «Stiching Kinderhulp Tsjernobylramp» organizes the exchange for students.

Humanitarian project of the Sanatorium nursery-school № 189 of Minsk (.pdf)

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Humanitarian cooperation

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