Document Requirements

Please note that all documents issued by the competent authorities of foreign states are accepted subject to their legalization (including legalization by apostille — in case of documents issued in The Netherlands), unless otherwise determined by international treaties of the Republic of Belarus, and translation into one of the state languages ​​of the Republic of Belarus.

For example, documents issued by Dutch registry offices and other official authorities of The Netherlands are accepted provided they are certified with an apostille and have a certified translation, executed in the following order:

  • the original Dutch document is apostilled (Dutch district courts are in charge of legalization by apostille);
  • certified translation is carried out in one of the following ways: in Belarus — by translators accredited at notary offices of the Republic of Belarus, in the Netherlands — by court translators;
  • in case the translation was made by a court translator in the Netherlands, it is also necessary to certify the translation with another apostille (confirm the signature and seal of the court translator);
  • in case the translation is certified by a Belarusian notary, certification of the translation with an apostille is not required to present the document to the Embassy. Please note that Belarusian notaries do not accept foreign documents without legalization / apostille.

Documents that do not correspond the above stated requirements cannot be accepted for consideration of the Consular Service of the Embassy.

Applications without full set of required supporting documents are not accepted.

Please note that when applying for the consular procedures the applicants need to submit the required documents as listed in relevant sections on this website, accompanied with photocopies of these documents.

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