Application Procedures

Visa applications: Consular Service of the Embassy accepts documents both during a personal visit and by post. There are exceptions for cases requiring a personal interview with a consular officer (for more information, please see “Visa Requirements” section).

Notary certifications: personal presence of the applicant and the presence of a valid passport are obligatory. Citizens of the Republic of Belarus may apply only with a valid passport of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, albeit they are in posession of another country's citizenship and passport. 

For exchange or obtating passports, permanent residence outside the Republic of Belarus, consular registration, renunciation of citizenship, obtaining certificates confirming legal acts and reentry certificates, personal presence of the applicant or his/her legal representative (subject to documents confirming their status) is mandatory.

When applying on other issues please check the application procedure by contacting the Consular Service of the Embassy.

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