Obligatory medical insurance for foreign citizens



On July 1, 2014 the new procedure and conditions of the obligatory medical insurance of foreign citizens and stateless persons travelling to the Republic of Belarus and temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus will be introduced.
The visa applicants should submit the obligatory medical insurance policy of the Belarusian enterprises “Belgosstrakh” or “Beleximgarant”, foreign medical insurance policy, medical insurance card or other document that confirms its existence.
The foreign medical insurance policy or document that confirms its existence can be presented in original or copy and should contain the following information:
- the name and address of the foreign insurance company, phone number of the foreign insurance company or of the international assistance company, the full name of the foreign citizen;
-   it should be valid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
- it should be valid for the period of the travel or temporary residence in the Republic of Belarus;
- the minimum limit of responsibility of the medical insurance is 10 000 Euro.
The foreign citizens, who have the right to enter the Republic of Belarus without visa and are obliged to have the medical insurance policy, should submit the medical insurance policy or medical insurance card that corresponds to the above-mentioned conditions to the employees of the State Border Committee when entering the Republic of Belarus.  
Registration, extension of registration and issuance of the temporary residence permits to the foreign citizens by the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is being made for the period not exceeding the validity of the medical insurance.
The foreign citizens should have the medical insurance agreement, medical insurance policy of the Belarusian or foreign insurance company or the documents that confirm the existence of the medical insurance agreement with foreign company during their travel to Belarus in original.
The medical insurance is not required for:
- heads of the foreign states and governments, members of the parliamentary, governmental and official delegations invited by the governing bodies of the Republic of Belarus and technical personnel of these delegations;
- heads and members of the diplomatic and consular missions, representations of the international organizations in the Republic of Belarus and their family members;
- United Nations employees — holders the Laissez-Passer issued by the United Nations;
- crew members of the international air flights and crew members of the trains of the international routes;
- foreign air force crew members and other military personnel who arrive in the Republic of Belarus to take part in the military exercises;
- persons residing in the Republic of Belarus as the representatives of the foreign border guard authorities;
- citizens of the states that have an agreement with the Republic of Belarus that regulates the questions of rendering the medical emergency services free of charge;
- foreigners that apply for a refugee status in the Republic of Belarus;
- foreigners who travel to other countries via Belarus by train or by air in trains of the international routes and planes of the civic international air companies;
- some other categories of foreign citizens.

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